Anesthesiology Interest Group

London and Windsor
Specialty Interest

Want to gain a better understanding of the clinical spectrum, day to day practice, and lifestyle considerations within the field of anesthesiology? Unsure about the residency and training programs required for pursing a career in this field?

The aim of the Anesthesiology Interest Group is to increase awareness within the field of anesthesiology, including intensive care medicine, pain medicine, and related sub-specialities.

Through events such as interactive seminars with staff physicians and program directors as well as intubation and crash cart workshops, we provide the opportunities and resources to those medical students interested in pursuing this subspecialty.

Look for these events...

i) Why Anesthesia? October 14th, 2020. Hosted by AIG Executives. Speaker will be Dr. Jeff Granton who is the residency program chair at UWO. 

ii) Why Critical Care? November 5th, 2020. Hosted by AIG Executives. Speaker will be Dr. Jeff Granton.

iii) Pain Medicine Lunchtime Talk: Date TBA Speaker will be Dr. Geoff Bellingham.

iv) Resident Mentorship Program: M3 & M4s interested will be paired with an Anesthesia Resident to discuss residency applications and transition to residency