Distributed Education Outreach Club

London and Windsor
Community Outreach

There has been an endemic shortage of rural physicians across Canada for decades, and difficulties with physician recruitment and retainment are still realities currently faced by rural SWOMEN communities. Research has shown that the strongest indicator of medical practice in a rural area is a rural background, and also that rural students have historically been under-represented at Canadian medical schools. This highlights the importance of encouraging rural youth to pursue medical (and other healthcare) careers, through mentorship, exposure to healthcare environments and issues, and other opportunities that help youth develop the multifaceted skills and competencies required to gain admission to medical school and eventually become a practicing physician. The purpose of this club is to create opportunities for rural SWOMEN youth that educate, inspire and equip them to be future healthcare leaders.

We work with Schulich administration and stakeholders in local rural communities to increase accessibility to the existing SWOMEN healthcare career exploration program for rural secondary students. We also work with rural secondary schools to create novel learning opportunities for secondary students, such as interactive guest speaker workshops and virtual career fairs about different healthcare professions.