Healthy Responsible Sexuality (HRS)

Community Outreach

Sex... it is everywhere... it's on T.V., on the radio, in the magazines. Sex is an integral part of the human experience, yet it is fraught with complexities, especially for the young adolescent teenager. Somewhere within the swirling confusion that is high school sex ed., S.T.D.s, contraception, abortion, and scrambled late night porn on cable... there is pleasure. The HRS program aims to help high school students tackle some of these, often times taboo or uncomfortable topics in a rational, mature and informed manner. Through the use of video presentations, role playing, and live demonstration of contraceptive products (on inanimate objects of course!), you will stimulate and facilitate informed discussion of issues surrounding sex and sexuality. So join us in dispelling the myths and heralding the truths about healthy responsible sex. If you are interested, or have any questions, do not hesitate to write and stay tuned for the announcement of the HRS training session in the new year.