Indigenous Health Advocacy Group

London and Windsor
Discussion & Awareness

The Indigneous Health Advocacy Group is a club for all medical students interested in becoming educated on Indigneous experiences within the healthcare system and/or contributing to improving the health inequalities facing this population. Throughout the year, lunchtime talks by residential school survivors, traditional medicine practitioners and Indigenous health scholars help students to provide culturally appropriate healthcare by fostering an understanding of aboriginal worldview, cultural practice, and historical experience. Students will also find opportunities for observerships and electives with local and national Indigenous health organizations. Finally, students will find opportunities interact with aboriginal youth as mentors with Big Brothers Big Sisters ‘Game-On’ and ‘Go-Girls’ program at Standing Stone Elementary School on the Oneida First Nation.

As future physicians, no matter where you serve, you will be a healthcare provider to aboriginal peoples. Patients of this community report negative interactions with the healthcare system as a result of their cultural identity and are often reluctant to seek medical attention. Therefore, the Indigenous Health Advocacy Group is dedicated to the following objectives:

To identify and explore the unique healthcare needs of Indigneous patients, and build skills to best serve them as healthcare providers

To creating a welcoming, accepting and supportive community for all Indigenous medical students.