Medicine in the United States Interest Group (MUSIG)

London and Windsor
Discussion & Awareness

The Medicine in the United States Interest Group aims to provide Schulich Med students with a network, resources and opportunities specific to studying, working and practicing in the United States.

What kind of things does our club do?

  1. Share and provide resources relating to the USMLE, US Residency Match and Fellowship programs
  2. Provide introductory information about visa/licensing requirements
  3. Study groups for the USMLE
  4. Lunch talk from a doctor who practices in both Canada and the US!

Our membership has two options:

  1. MUSIG member (free, access to local Schulich events like any other club)
  2. AMSA Member ($25/yr payable directly to the AMSA)

Benefits of AMSA membership:

  1. Exec positions – local/national (AMSA requires club execs to be full members)
  2. Access to discounts, perk and offers
  3. Access to virtual and in-person events including conferences, webinars, application to residency sessions, celebrity speakers and more!
  4. Resources for networking, advocacy, volunteer, program and clinical rotations for international med students across the United States!
  5. Access to online certificate and scholars programs with different focuses in social medicine (reproductive health, advocacy, global health, trans health, etc)