Oncology Interest Group

London and Windsor
Specialty Interest

Interested in oncology, but don’t know how to get there? There is a path to oncology from almost every residency – internal medicine, surgery, radiology, OB-GYN, family medicine, and paediatrics. Even if you’re interested in a different speciality, you’ll probably still be called upon to treat cancer at some point. Derm treats melanoma, urologists treat prostate cancer, OB-GYN’s treat ovarian and cervical cancers, and neurosurgeons operate on brain tumours. As of 2010, cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. So whatever specialty turns your crank, you’ll gain a lot of valuable insight by joining the Oncology Interest Group. We’re going to have a speaker series, fundraising initiatives, and community outreach and education. So come out and get excited about cancer!