Open Meds Ally Group

London and Windsor
Discussion & Awareness

Open Meds is an Ally-based club for all medical students with an interest in the LGBTQ community, whether or not they identify as LGBTQ themselves. The mandate of this club will be to provide educational events for allies, as well as support and discussion space for LGBTQ medical students. No matter what specialty we choose to pursue, we will all be responsible for treating LGBTQ patients. These patients often report negative interactions with the healthcare system as a result of their sexual and/or gender identity, which can result in a reluctance to seek medical attention. We, as future physicians, have an obligation to improve healthcare delivery to this unique patient population. We are dedicated to the following objectives:

    To create a welcoming, accepting, and supportive community for all LGBTQ-identifying medical students

    To identify the unique healthcare needs of LGBTQ-identifying patients, and build skills to best serve them as healthcare providers.