Proaction on Mental Health (Pro-MH)

Discussion & Awareness

Proaction on Mental Health (Pro-MH) is a group that exists to address the issues in the current medical education system that lead to medical students becoming mentally unwell. We do not stand behind the idea that it is predicted and expected for medical students to develop mental health issues throughout their time in medial school, and that these problems will persist throughout their careers. We would like to see a system that treats mental health in the same way that physical health is best treated: proactively, with the intent to avoid getting sick. Our hypothesis: if preventative medicine is the most cost-effective and responsible strategy for dealing with physical ailments, this should be also true for mental health.

Our mandate is four-fold:

  1. To identify the problems facing Schulich medicine students with regard to their mental wellbeing within the first four years of medical education.

  2. To create an environment in which to discuss these problems openly among and between Schulich medical students, the UME, the LEW, and relevant professionals, organizations, and stakeholders.

  3. To advocate and act for the betterment of Schulich medical student mental wellness throughout the first four years of medical education.

  4. To create an annual event focussed around solving the aforementioned identified problems, spread awareness, and engage new students and partners.

Through advocacy campaigns, mental health awareness events, and working with partners within Schulich, LHSC, and the community, we hope to create proactive changes that will decrease stigma, spark conversation, and provide a safe and supportive environment for medical trainees and their mental health. We look forward to having you on our team!