Schulich Book Discussion Club

Discussion & Awareness

The Schulich Book Discussion Club facilitates recreational reading & discussion of material that is relevant and productive for medical students.


Books have a lot to offer for medical students. They are treasures of insights and perspectives about complex topics that will prepare us for a life ahead within medicine, but they are commonly overlooked. It is admittedly difficult to motivate yourself to pick up a book and start reading. We aim to eliminate that barrier by making reading an enjoyable social experience. We will pick medicine-related nonfiction books that we would like to read at home, have member-driven discussion, and have snacks along the way! We’ll only meet ~2 times a month, and we promise we’ll only read however much everyone is comfortable reading.

Club mandate (“demonstrable positive benefits”):

Our members are benefited through the enriching insights they gain from reading books and discussing them with other members. The insights could be on topics related to medicine like mortality and ethical controversies, or they could be on topics indirectly related to medicine like personal growth, social and political issues, etc. These insights prepare students for a profession that requires of them an incredible amount of resilience and maturity. Ultimately, the club provides a unique recreational opportunity for students and also helps students become better CanMEDS collaborators through "sharing [of] knowledge, perspectives".