Schulich Cooks


Join Schulich Cooks to share your cooking skills and love for food through potlucks, group cooking classes, and community service cooking events.


Not sure if pasta or water goes in the pot first? Ready to make it to the final round of Chopped? Regardless of your skill level, join Schulich Cooks to flex your culinary muscles and expand your recipe repertoire. We take turns hosting themed potlucks at each of our homes - Thai food, East Indian cooking, Italian cuisine, you name it! Bring a dish, a big appetite, and be prepared to have some fun! We also organize group cooking classes taught by professional chefs, and community service cooking events to put our skills to good use. So, join us if you have a favorite Osso Buco recipe from nonna that you want to share, or if you want expand your gastronomic knowledge while giving back to the community - we’ve got it all!