London and Windsor

Culture-enthusiasts, polyglots (or polyglots-in-process), world-travellers and anyone else: come hang out and exchange culture and languages in a supportive and relaxed environment.


Hello, bonjour, hola, ni hau, marhaba, annyeong haseyo, privet, ciao, olà, giasou, hallo, salut…!

Turns out we have quite a multilingual and international student body! Sign-up for “culture-sharing” events (i.e. international potluck, international short films, music…) and “language exchange” get-togethers are a chance to socialize and practice languages for free (or even just chat in a language you’re fluent in and miss speaking).

  • Languages which can be practiced at a given meet-up depend on which members come out, but based off of class polls we are looking at: French, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, German, Romanian… English… (and Elf…?)