Sports & Rehabilitative Medicine Interest Group

London and Windsor
Specialty Interest

Sports medicine focuses on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of exercise and sport related injuries. Physical Medicine & Rehab (PM&R) focuses more on the rehab of various injuries including traumas, strokes, amputations, Brain injury, etc. These are two related fields, but they certainly have their differences.  These two specialties are often confused with each other and many medical students are often unfamiliar with these specialties when entering medical school. This club will provide you with the opportunity to explore the duties and lifestyle of these professionals.  

Joining the club will give you the opportunity to attend lunch talks, workshops for MSK physical skills, EMG workshops, and more. Opportunities can include tours of the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic and Parkwood Medical Centre, discussions with physicians and much more!

If you’re at all interested in MSK skills, PM&R or sports medicine, please sign up to learn more!