Student-Senior Isolation Prevention Partnership (SSIPP)

London and Windsor
Community Outreach

The Student-Senior Isolation Prevention Partnership (SSIPP) is a national initiative with 12+ university chapters. The mission of SSIPP is to mitigate the effect of social isolation in older adults by building a society that promotes their wellbeing, enables their values, and helps them to remain socially connected. Our vision is to connect with older adults across Canada, one phone call (or visit) at a time.

At the SSIPP Schulich Chapter, we aim to provide long-term connection and support to socially isolated older adults in Southwestern Ontario, especially during the COVID pandemic. Our program will pair health professional student volunteers (both medical and dental students) with socially isolated older adults. During COVID, volunteers will check in and chat with referred older adults via regular phone calls (or other forms of virtual communication) in order to provide social connection. Beyond COVID, in-person visits may be organized to further provide social support for older adults. Older adults can be referred to the program through a member of their healthcare team or care home manager.

SSIPP aims to reflect social accountability and responsibility in health professional students by demonstrating students’ passion to contribute to the wellbeing of their communities and to serve vulnerable populations, namely isolated older adults. Through SSIPP partnership, health professional students will have the unique opportunity to provide longitudinal care to older adults.