Teaching in Medicine


The Teaching in Medicine club will allow you to learn about teaching career paths/opportunities and give you a chance to hone your teaching skills

If any of these questions below are of interest to you, join the Teaching in Medicine club and attend some of our meetings!

  • What makes a good teacher?
  • How do doctors become medical school professors?
  • Why is teaching a fulfilling aspect of a doctor’s career?
  • What makes a skilled attending physician/preceptor in charge of teaching trainees?
  • What is the latest on medical education research?
  • How do I become a better teacher?
  • How do I find opportunities to reach these goals?


Planned Club Meetings

  • Career development lectures and panel sessions from relevant faculty members/residents
  • Opportunities for students to hone teaching skills through presentation of material of their choice (feedback from peers as well as a resident mentor(s))
  • Lunch and learn over general teaching topics such as “feedback” or “giving presentations” or "overcoming imposter syndrome" (hosted by one of our faculty members)
  • Annual workshop entitled “Teaching in Higher Education – Medicine” (potentially - depending on interest)
  • Centralized resource to provide club members with information on opportunities for volunteer teaching, medical education research, education governance etc.
  • Potential resident mentor program for teaching