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Public Health Interest Group London and Windsor Specialty Interest

The Public Health Interest Group (PHIG) holds events and initiatives for medical students who are interested in pursuing Public Health & Preventative Medicine as a specialty, or who are interested in public health at large! Join us in learning about how and why preventative medicine is such a huge priority in our healthcare system, and how you can get involved.

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Quality Based Care Association (Q-BaCA) London and Windsor Educational

Advocating for healthcare resource stewardship; learning about the consequences of over-testing and over-prescribing.

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Radiology Interest Group London and Windsor Specialty Interest

Learn more about a career in radiology, as well as how to approach diagnostic imaging!

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Rural Medicine Interest Group London and Windsor Specialty Interest

Join if you are interested in rural medicine!

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Schulich Access London and Windsor Community Outreach

Schulich Access aims to provide application support to applicants from underrepresented populations by pairing current medical students with applicants from across Canada.

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Schulich Accessible Medical Interviews (SAMI) London and Windsor Educational

SAMI focuses on providing better interviewing techniques and 1-on-1 interviews with individuals with IDD or those who face communication barriers. 

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Schulich Applied Computing in Medicine (SACM) London and Windsor Educational

Learning about programming and the role of computer science in medicine.

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Schulich Book Discussion Club London and Windsor Discussion & Awareness

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Schulich Chess Club London Recreational

Our Chess Club will organize free chess-related events for students interested in learning, playing, or talking about chess. Specifically, we plan to hold 2-3 events a semester, including a tournament (dependent on interest) and days where people can come and just play casual chess with classmates.

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Schulich Cliffhangers London Athletics & Exercise

Climb your way to success and away from stress with Schulich Cliffhangers! Join us at biweekly rock climbing sessions at Junction Climbing Centre.


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Schulich Cooks London Recreational

Join Schulich Cooks to share your cooking skills and love for food through potlucks, group cooking classes, and community service cooking events.


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Schulich Creates London and Windsor Educational

A thinktank where your creative ideas can come to life, whether it’s art, music, podcasts, writing, film, cooking, etc.

Welcome to Schulich Creates!


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Schulich Gaming Club London Recreational

Do you find yourself bored of playing with the randoms online? If this has ever happened to you or anyone you know, join the Schulich Gaming Club!

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Schulich Golf Club London Recreational

FOOORE. New this year, we are here for you to enjoy golf & have fun socializing with classmates
· Driving range nights
· MiniPutt nights
· AND much more!

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Schulich Health Innovation Club (SHIC) London and Windsor Educational

We offer seminars in the field of health innovation to offer students a broad perspective on how to help create and sustain a modern healthcare system.

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Schulich Jewish Medical Students Association London Discussion & Awareness

Schulich Jewish Medical Students Association is a club for medical students to connect and explore the intersection of Jewish culture and medicine while at Western University.

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Schulich Law In Medicine Club (MedLaw) London and Windsor Educational

Club for discussing legal ethics in medicine, past cases, and the implications of controversial new medically related laws.

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Schulich Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group London and Windsor Specialty Interest

Schulich Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group will introduce students to the speciality of Lifestyle Medicine. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s mission is “advancing evidenced-based lifestyle medicine as a value-based specialty that transforms, redefines and sustains health and health care by treating, reversing and preventing noncommunicable, chronic disease.”

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Schulich Medicine Outdoor Recreation Engagement Society (S.M.O.R.E.S.) London and Windsor Athletics & Exercise

Recreational outdoors club. Activities include: car camping trips, trail runs, hikes, apple picking, cross-country skiing, skating, snoweshoeing, and anything else you can think of!

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Schulich Mental Health and Wellness Community Windsor Community Outreach

Awareness, promotion, and outreach for mental health in the student body and the broader community through mental health workshops and peer support

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