• Posted on: 23 August 2013
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The Hippocratic Council fosters student growth by supporting and directly funding student initiatives here at Schulich. As the governing body of the medical students, we are responsible for helping students get the most of their medical education through encouraging excellence outside of the classroom.

None of this would be possible without the support of valued sponsors. With their financial help, we can continue to develop and grow into valuable members of the healthcare community.


At Scotiabank we are committed to providing you with the best advice and customer service in the industry. We are able to assist you with financing your education, budgeting, financial planning, practice financing and wealth management.

Please contact Rod McFadden at 519-642-3017 or rod.mcfadden@scotiabank.com

MD Financial Management

MD Financial Management is owned by the Canadian Medical Association, and our only mandate is the financial well-being of Canada’s physicians, medical students and residents. With your CMA membership, you benefit from MD’s objective, specialized advice, which is always in your best interests.

Our MD MedEd CounselTM is a team of MD Advisors and Early Career Specialists dedicated to medical students and residents. Whether you need to pay for medical school, prepare for residency, start investing or manage your debt, you’ll sleep better knowing you’re on the right track. To learn more about MD MedEd Counsel, visit md.cma.ca/meded.


Zavitz Insurance

For nearly 35 years, the team at Zavitz Insurance has been providing diverse and innovative solutions for medical professionals. We bring a holistic approach to financial management, combining retirement and estate planning, investment services and insurance, all on one page. In an effort to help you navigate tough financial decisions we provide guidance you can understand and tradition you can count on.

We are well versed on the financial evolution of a medical student transitioning into resident, practicing physician and beyond.

For more information call our office at 519-667-0116 or visit our website www.zavitzinsurance.com.

Clarity MD Services

Clarity MD Services specializes in providing financial advice exclusively to physicians, residents and medical students. We understand the unique challenges physicians face and have the expertise to offer comprehensive financial planning at every stage of your career.

For more information visit our website www.claritymd.ca.

Collins Barrow

Collins Barrow KMD LLP Chartered Professional Accountants assists our physician, dentist and other healthcare professional clients attain their personal, professional and financial goals by providing comprehensive professional services, including accounting, tax, estate planning, financial planning, and other consulting services. Collins Barrow also has offices across Canada, so we have the resources to help you succeed wherever you start your practice.

Please contact Brandon Gilbert, Partner, CPA, CA, Dave Wells, Partner, CPA, CA, or Scott Redden, Manager, CPA, CA at Collins Barrow KMD LLP using the contact information on our website www.cbhealthcaregroup.com. You can also contact your local Collins Barrow office at www.collinsbarrow.com.

Abrams Financial

Abrams Financial is an independent financial brokerage dedicated to helping physicians achieve their financial goals through creative insurance, wealth management, and tax advisory solutions. For more information please call our office (416) 238-5536 or email mdsupport@abramsfinancial.ca.